Gascoyne in May understands how vital it is to keep recruiting, training and supporting regionally based festival makers and artists. GiM projects are about professional development and delivering original, regionally conceived and produced festival content.  The priority is to keep expanding the Gascoyne’s festival makers skills, resources and inspirations...

This way our festivals are truly from the ground up and the sky down! 

Specific events featuring these projects include:

Burringurrah Festival of Fire 2nd May

Barefoot Black Tie 8th May

Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival 24th May 'Whaleshark Sundown Celebration' 3pm to 9.30pm

TropiCOOL Festival 31st May 'Eventide' on the Carnarvon Fascine - twilight


‘Narrators of a Ship Wrecked Coast’

Architects for Spectacle 2nd year of a five-year project

Set on the edge of the Indian Ocean a group of time travelling characters emerge from the shipwreck coast of the Gascoyne. They traverse the elements to frame the stories of each place. Using different theatrical devices, sometimes stilts, a stage set in water, thin air, remote beaches and on ancient desert landscapes, these time traveling crew collect stories like the pirates of old collected treasures and tropical diseases. With sextons in hand, shadow puppets in trench coats, mini projectors and powerful LED follow spots...stories unfurl like sails in the wind. Collectors and tellers of stories they trade on the cultural frontiers of community spirit and get paid in enchantments; their characters a devise that frame stories of the Gascoyne at in situ festival events.

And then across the way is a pantomime of giant puppets, dancing on the horizon ready to lead to the next festival focus…

Lead Artists: Karen Hethey, Mix Torossi, Larissa Grouch

Artistic Director: Theaker von Ziarno

Performers: Gascoyne in May in House Troupe

Funding: Country Arts WA, Department of the Arts & Gascoyne Development Commission



Large-scale projection art transforms land and seascapes across the Gascoyne. Urban architecture, world heritage marine parks, town beaches and ancient outback landscapes are saturated by vibrant regionally produced projection art installations.

Gaslight is the 2nd year of a 5-year project titled Gascoyne Illuminates

Lead Artists: Anton Blume, Sohan Arial Hayes, Roly Skender

Artistic Director: Theaker von Ziarno

Funding: Department of Culture and Arts, Gascoyne Community Chest Fund, Country Arts WA


‘Cross Fire’ Gascoyne Fire Tableaux 

‘Gascoyne Fire Tableaux’ is a annual, cross regional arts project drawn in Fire! Twenty-five artists from across the Gascoyne will create fire drawings inspired from the stories, peoples and places of the Gascoyne.

Lead Artists: Geoff Green-Armytage, Sadie James,  Shark Bay Arts Council, Gascoyne Circus Crew.

Artistic Director: Theaker von Ziarno

Funding: Country Arts WA, Department of Culture and the Arts &  (2014) Community Arts Network (CANWA)